Council accepts Cain’s resignation

Members of the Altus City Council were behind doors in executive session Tuesday night, Aug. 20, for over two hours before returning to open session to announce their acceptance of City Manager Janice Cain’s resignation. The wording of the executive session item stated, “to discuss the employment, disciplining, suspension or removal of the employment of the City Manager.”
After the announcement, Cain said, “We’ve endured this three times now, and I’m moving forward. The City and Council can also move forward.”
Not all members remarked on the resignation, but it was evident that some agreed with the decision, and some did not. One councilman’s remarks likened the relationship of the City Manager and Council to unruly children on a school bus, and without Cain, “the bus could go off the road.” Other council said their hope for the future was to, “Work together for the betterment of Altus.”
Mayor Jack Smiley added, “The resignation was accepted with a lot of thought.”
Other Council agenda items included approving the consent agenda with the claims list removed from discussion, and code changes explained.
Council also accepted the ordinance as submitted pertaining to bikes in Altus Parks, and for the declaration of an emergency to waive competitive pricing if necessary in a water treatment pump emergency. Although it was said that money has been budgeted for water treatment pumps for the past two years, the City was now down to two operation pumps out of six, and that the matter had to be addressed before another pump went.
If another pump went out it was said that an emergency boil order could be put into place. Mayor Smiley said he didn’t feel comfortable declaring an emergency for something they have known about for 2 or 3 years, but after hearing that it was an issue of health, safety and the welfare of Altus citizens, he agreed. All voted in favor.